Cutting ties with toxic family members is necessary (you don’t have to feel guilty)

There is a great truth in these words: “No one chooses the family they were born into”, many times there are very conflictive family relationships.

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Because of this reality, we may be inclined to make the decision to walk away for the good of both parties.

Unfortunately, it is not a topic to be taken lightly, in fact there are people in families who are very toxic and cause a lot of pain to others. Which is why, although it is an extremely difficult decision, it is the only way out to maintain sanity.

If the aforementioned is our case, we invite you to first analyze what are the 4 fundamental reasons to distance ourselves from such a problematic family relationship.

1- They are with us whenever it is necessary

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Remember, whenever a healthy family relationship brings happiness, especially in difficult times we have some family members to sustain us. In fact, without requesting it, they go into action to give us support and help.

On the other hand, there are those family members who will be there for us because they need something in return. Reason why, we must decide if we want them to be part of our lives. When the motivation is interested, then we are talking about a conditional love.

2- Relatives who judge us

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As we well know, many people around us are going to judge us, and yet, we maintain a relationship with these people. Including members of our family.

Of course, when it comes to constructive and well-intentioned criticism, we can take it to our advantage. Something very different is if they try just to damage our self-esteem and feelings, the most correct and healthy thing is to distance ourselves from this situation.

3- Gossip about us

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If we have family members who share information that we have entrusted to them with others, the best thing we can do is not tell them anything else and stay away from these people.

If we have shared personal things with them does not give them the right to gossip about our life. Remember, there is no reason to tolerate this behavior.

4- They are manipulative

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Sadly, in the family we can detect manipulation by some members. If this happens, alerts are activated to exercise great care with this type of behavior.

A healthy family relationship is genuine and constant, if we observe changes it is probable that they try to manipulate us. In addition, we will discover how when we move away they change their attitude and treat us better. But, be careful ! They do it so as not to lose control over you.

To conclude, it is understandable how difficult this situation is, because it is about our own family and we do not want to move away. However, we must pay careful attention if they are toxic people, because it is best to stay away.

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