Fellom Method: Potty training in 3 days (forget the diapers)

As parents, we are presented with many challenges when it comes to raising our children, and one of the most difficult has to do with getting out of diapers.

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This is an important moment in a child’s life, because it has to do with growing up, with ceasing to be a baby and with “taking responsibility” for his own body.

In addition, there are many nurseries and kindergartens that reserve the right not to accept children who are not autonomous in this sense and who still require the use of diapers.

There are several methods of potty training your child, but the Fellom method is one of the most effective.

– First day

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To begin with, this task should be undertaken when we feel that our child is ready to learn.

Also, we must take into account that our child is in a quiet moment. The method consists of leaving him naked from the waist down. That is why it is advisable to wait until it is summer, so that he does not get cold.

Likewise, it is necessary to anticipate that on that day we will be at home all day. We don’t want to confuse him and, at the same time, we must help him understand that being at home does not run the risk of “accidents”.

The method consists of explaining to the child the use and importance that will be given to the potty. Take the time to explain what it is for.

Now, it’s time to be vigilant when you need to go to the bathroom. Maybe the child warns, maybe not; but if we notice that it is time, then we remind him that he must use his potty.

If there is an “accident” we should never reprimand the child with phrases like “I already explained what you should do”. This can block and demotivate him or her. On the contrary, we will insist on the explanation again and encourage him to use it next time.

– Second day

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The second day your son already understood that the bathroom is the place to go to relieve himself. For this day, you can schedule a short outing and explain that he needs to go to the bathroom or use his potty before going out.

Even if the child does not express a desire to go to the bathroom, it is important not to skip this step. In the same way, we will use the same strategy before going to sleep.

– Third day

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During the third day the same techniques of the two previous days will be repeated, in order to strengthen what has been learned.

Let’s continue to observe his behavior and accompany him to the potty as soon as we notice that he needs it.

Let’s remind our child to go to the bathroom before leaving home and before going to bed at night. You can put wide pants on the child so that he can tell the difference between having a diaper and not having a diaper.

If you go to a friend’s or family member’s house, you can take their potty so as not to disturb their learning routine. Sometimes children are reluctant to go to the bathroom in another house.

First of all – patience

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In reality, the ones who have to work harder during this transition have to be us as parents.

After these three days, it is possible that your child has learned the mechanism and understands what is expected of him.

If these three days were not enough, do not despair. It is best to stop trying for a few weeks and try the technique again. Your child may not be ready yet.

All children end up learning sooner or later, they just need patience and accompaniment to take this big step in their growth.

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