A Natural Alternative to Mosquito Repellents: The Ground Coffee Trick

The warm season, while celebrated for its sunny days and pleasant nights, often comes with a pesky problem – mosquitoes. These tiny insects not only cause itchy bites but can also transmit diseases. As people increasingly spend their evenings outdoors, there’s a surge in the use of mosquito repellents filled with chemicals. While effective, these solutions can sometimes be sticky, smelly, and filled with potentially harmful ingredients. If you’re looking for a natural alternative to keep mosquitoes at bay, the ground coffee method may be your answer.

How Does the Ground Coffee Trick Work?

The idea originates from the French advice, “Marre des moustiques?…il suffit de vous procurer du café moulu dans un bol résistant à la chaleur et de l’allumer comme vous le feriez avec une bougie jusqu’à ce que vous obteniez un flot de fumée régulier.” This translates to a straightforward procedure: Place ground coffee in a heat-resistant bowl and light it, similar to how you’d light a candle. The aim is to produce a steady stream of smoke.

Why Ground Coffee?

  1. Natural Repellent: Mosquitoes dislike the smell of coffee. The steady stream of coffee-infused smoke acts as a natural deterrent, keeping them away from the area.
  2. Safe & Chemical-Free: Unlike chemical-laden repellents, using ground coffee is a natural method that poses no health risks.
  3. Pleasant Aroma: Many people enjoy the scent of coffee. Thus, this method not only repels mosquitoes but also adds a cozy, aromatic atmosphere to your outdoor space.

How to Implement the Ground Coffee Method

  1. Materials Needed: Ground coffee and a heat-resistant bowl.
  2. Procedure: Fill the bowl with a reasonable amount of ground coffee. Light it, ensuring it smokes rather than burns outright. Position the bowl in the area you wish to be mosquito-free. Ensure that it’s placed safely, away from flammable materials.


In the quest to enjoy mosquito-free evenings, it’s worth considering alternatives to chemical repellents. The ground coffee trick offers a natural, aromatic, and effective solution. Next time you’re gearing up for an outdoor gathering or a quiet evening on the patio, give this method a try. Not only will it deter mosquitoes, but it’ll also set a warm, fragrant ambiance.

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