Using Adhesive Tape to Catch Ticks: An Unconventional Method that Works

Ticks are small blood-sucking arachnids known for transmitting various diseases to humans, such as Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and babesiosis, among others. Over the years, several techniques have been devised to prevent or remove these pesky creatures. An unconventional method that has garnered attention recently is the use of adhesive tape wrapped around the ankles. Originating from the French concept, “Enrouler du ruban adhésif autour des chevilles semble fonctionner assez bien pour attraper les tiques,” which translates to “Wrapping adhesive tape around the ankles seems to work quite well to catch ticks,” this method has been hailed by some for its simplicity and effectiveness.


Why the Ankles?

Ticks are known to latch onto their hosts by crawling up from ground level. The lower legs, especially the ankle region, become their primary point of initial contact. This is particularly true for individuals walking through grassy or wooded areas where ticks thrive. By wrapping adhesive tape around the ankles, with the sticky side out, it’s possible to trap ticks before they have a chance to attach to the skin.

Benefits of Using Adhesive Tape

  1. Simplicity: This method does not require specialized equipment or chemicals, making it an accessible option for many. A roll of tape is easy to carry and can be applied within seconds.
  2. Non-Toxic: Unlike some tick repellents that contain chemicals, using adhesive tape is a non-toxic method which poses no threat of chemical reactions or allergies.
  3. Immediate Results: Once the tape is in place, ticks can be caught in real-time. This gives an immediate indication of the potential tick activity in an area.


While using adhesive tape might seem promising, it’s essential to remember it’s not foolproof. The tape might not catch all ticks, especially if they latch onto other parts of the body. Moreover, the tape can lose its stickiness, especially if the individual is sweating or if it gets wet.


Using adhesive tape wrapped around the ankles is a novel and intriguing method for preventing tick bites. While it offers several advantages, relying solely on this method might not be sufficient, especially in areas with high tick activity. It’s always best to combine this technique with other preventive measures, such as wearing long pants, using tick repellents, and performing regular tick checks.

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