A great trick for children to learn to multiply in the fastest and most efficient way

Although childhood can be considered fun for all children, we cannot deny that when it comes to studies, we all had a complication: Mathematics. It was quite complicated to go from addition and subtraction to multiplication and not everyone learned in the best way, there was no facility or something that would motivate us to learn to add repeatedly to locate a result, however, this does not mean that your children have the same luck as you, because currently there are some tricks that you can carry out so that children learn basic mathematics in a simple way.

The Pythagorean table, for example, is one of the simplest methods that you can use so that your children do not feel difficulty when doing their multiplications, with it you will be able to multiply vertically and horizontally without any problem and it will encourage them to memorize each result easily.

Pythagoras table to learn to multiply

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The table is made with a series of columns, in the first row of the vertical column the numbers from one to ten are placed, the same happens with the horizontal, only the first space is left blank and the digits are copied from of the second frame. To obtain the results that are placed in the following columns of the table, the horizontal and vertical rows must be crossed, it is quite easy and we assure you that your children will not have any problem in solving the multiplication.

A quick example that we can do to understand the Pythagorean table is to take the number 3 from the vertical column together with the 6 from the horizontal, by locating them we find the number 18 , the result of multiplying by 3. Find the best way fun for your little one to enjoy math lessons at home and not get bored easily.

Remember to teach the commutative property to your little one


Your child should know that the result of the multiplication will be the same if he multiplies 3×6 or 6×3 . It is also important to mention that in the table you can multiply horizontally or vertically, the pattern is specially designed for the ease of your little one, so in any way you want to explain it, you will have a positive result.

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