7 benefits of sleeping on your left side

A restful sleep is something essential in the life of the human being

The position we choose when sleeping will determine the effectiveness of our rest. Although we think that we change positions all the time, there is always one that we choose and that lasts longer during the night.

Sleeping on the left side is the position that is most recommended according to different investigations. Sleeping on the right side can cause digestive problems and sleeping on your back is not recommended for people who suffer from sleep apnea or asthma.

Benefits of sleeping on the left side

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1- Improves digestion

The stomach and pancreas are located on the left side of the body, sleeping on that side favors better digestion. Gastric juices are channeled better because pancreatic enzymes will be easily secreted.

It is recommended not to eat heavy night meals that can slow down digestion.

2- Improves heart health

The largest proportion of the heart is on the left side, the aortic artery arches towards this side until it reaches the abdomen. By sleeping on that side, our heart will pump more easily and optimally, pumping blood more easily.

3- Promotes the lymphatic system

The left side of the body is the dominant side for the lymphatic system (vital for immune function), resting on that side favors lymph transport and drainage for smooth functioning.

4- Recommended for pregnant women

Helps the circulatory system, improving blood flow to the uterus by leaving the vena cava free. No organ will press on it, facilitating circulation and effortlessly carrying the oxygen-laden blood that leaves the aorta. It also compresses the lungs less and reduces the pressure on the fetus.

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5- Improves breathing

On this side, pressure is released to the lungs, allowing us to breathe more easily, considerably reducing snoring problems.

6- Back pain

It favors our back to rest as well as our neck, because on this side it is released and aligned.

7- Favors the spleen

The spleen is part of our lymphatic system. Its function is that of a large node that filters the lymph and additionally filters the blood. Lying down on the left side we favor the return of fluids to the spleen because we use gravity in our favor, in this way we purify the body efficiently and with less effort.

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Source: Positivomundo

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