Great ideas to put to good use the clothes you no longer wear

Every year we accumulate a considerable amount of clothes that we do not use and with which we often do not know what to do. Although donating it is always a timely solution, sometimes its state does not allow it, that is when the ideas to recycle used clothing take center stage and become the perfect alternative to create utilitarian products with a minimum investment of resources.

It’s clear that those with cutting and sewing skills can always choose to turn one garment into another without much effort, but there are plenty of ways to reuse old fabrics and clothes without being kings of the sewing machine. And it is that when there is ingenuity and disposition, very interesting things can be achieved. From pieces made with yarn to beds for pets, the clothes that we no longer use can be a true source of inspiration, that’s why today we invite you to join a great wave of use with these ideas to recycle used clothes that will surely leave you impressed.

With a sweater that you no longer use and an old pillow you can create the perfect bed for your pet

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Give authenticity to all your notebooks by sewing a piece of fabric on the cover. Very original!

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Or you can line them with old pants and store what you want in the front pocket.

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Create quite original covers for your pillows with sweaters or shirts that no longer serve

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Even with clothes you can line your pots

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Help the environment by reusing a shirt and turning it into a grocery bag. With this idea you will stop using plastic bags!

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A skirt, shorts or pants can become a nice bag


Even if you have piles of clothes that you can no longer use, braid them and turn them into a beautiful rug


Take advantage of all those old pieces of cloth that you have at home, give a new life to those clothes that you cannot give to anyone because they are not in good condition, and carry out great creations in simple steps, because to be original you do not always have to complicate your life Do you dare to bet 100% on creativity?

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