9 simple ideas to reuse your old t-shirts that you no longer wear

Cotton shirts are not lacking in our wardrobe, the main reason is because they are quite comfortable and can be combined with any type of lower garment, from pants to skirts. Perhaps from using them so much they have come to look a bit worn out but don’t worry, with these excellent ideas you will be able to use them in different ways.

Think a little about what is needed in your house, maybe you can make it with your cotton shirts instead of spending sums of money to buy the product. Let your creativity run free and start showing what you can do and achieve with patience and recyclable materials.

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Shopping bags

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With this you will have a more ecological life , in addition, the style that is imposed will make you striking. Sew the bottom area of ​​your cotton shirt and cut off the sleeves, if they are long sleeves, as you are going to use them as bag handles.

Hair bands

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Make a hair band with cotton shirts, just make a big braid and you’re done.

Cushions for your home

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The best thing about this is that your cushions will have the look you most want, take the measurements and start making the covers for the cushions in your home.


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You can cut the fabric to the style you want, after all, it is your style that you will be marking.


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Take several shirts, cut them into small and not so thick pieces to join them and have your own homemade rug.

Belts for pants, skirts and shorts

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You can make braids as in the hair bands or make the belts as you wish, it is something simple.

Apron for painting or cooking

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You only have to take the measurements of the front part of the shirt and with the rest of the fabric you make the tie straps and pockets if you like.

Top for sports


You will make the pattern on a letter-size sheet and from there you will start to make the top. If you think it is necessary, put some rubber bands to make them elastic.

Towels to clean

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There is no need to take action here unless you want to. You can cut the fabric into triangles, squares, rounds, etc.

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