Do you know that you have been sitting on the toilet wrong all your life? This is how you do it

It has recently come to light that the way toilets are designed is not correct. These are made up of a seat, a cistern as a backrest and a siphon mechanism that prevents bad odors from being exaggerated when it comes to relieving ourselves. Everything is that this system of ‘going to the bathroom’ has caused intestinal problems and constipation to a large part of the world’s population.

This, apart from being corroborated by science, has also been confirmed by a video from the Facebook channel ” Type Healthy “, which has gone viral with almost 50 million views, where it is shown what happens when you sit down to defecate at a 90° angle. In addition, in the video they tell you how you should sit so as not to put your health at risk, and here we will explain everything about it.

All your life you have sat badly on the toilet bowl


Surely on more than one occasion you have sat on the toilet with your arms over your legs, you have taken your mobile phone (or a newspaper/magazine if you are of the ‘old style’) and you have spent about 15 minutes doing your needs. Well, although it may be your only time of day when you relax, you are actually putting your health at risk, since this 90 ° angle could cause constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids or much more serious tummy problems. . The reason for this is that at this 90° angle the natural canal is literally compressed and blocked.

According to science, the best way to evacuate is squatting, giving our body an angle of 35°. The video confirms that this is how animals and various Eastern cultures evacuate. This is the way in which we must “belly”, since in this way everything flows naturally, which will help us not to make great efforts when depositing.

This problem has several solutions: renovate our bathroom and change the traditional toilet for one of the old ones, which was a piece on the floor with a hole, which would allow us to defecate while squatting. The other solution, which they propose in the video, would be to help us with a stool so that when we sit on the toilet we can have our skin raised on the stool and achieve the desired 35° position.

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