8 Very short haircuts for older women

Fashions may change, trends may fade, but style will always prevail.

Here we show you 8 incredible haircuts that will look great on you. These styles will let your features shine and flatter your face a lot.

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We know very well that as time goes by, hair can decrease in volume, thickness and gray hair can appear. However, this is not a bad thing, nor is it limiting. On the contrary, those details only mean that you should try new cuts that suit you and, of course, your tastes and personality.

Modern cuts for older women

Pixie cut

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This cut is characterized by being shorter at the back of the head and at the temples, and longer at the top of the head or crown in order to create more volume in that area. In addition, with the pixie cut you can ask to have bangs made to make you look very modern.

Garçon cut

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This cut is characterized by leaving the nape completely uncovered, with the sides short enough so that the ears are covered and having a generous upper section. However, the difference between this cut and the pixie is that in this one, the front hair is pulled up, which creates a very chic and confident look.

Asymmetrical bob

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This cut on one side is like the classic bob that ends at the jaw level, but on the other side the hair is a bit longer. That’s because the cut is slightly sloped. In these cases, the shorter side is usually combed behind the ear or with multiple buckles, to make it look very sophisticated.

Bob with fringe

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This bob cut is at the jawline and is lightly layered. Also, it has the beveled bangs, which makes it look very modern and flattering. This cut will be perfect for a more jovial and fun look.

Mini bob

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The mini bob is a haircut that is inspired by the classic bob haircut, but has a little variation. The mini bob is a couple of inches shorter, usually ending just below the cheekbones. That is precisely the key to the rejuvenating effect of this hair style that can be so Parisian and charming.

Layered cut

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The layered haircut is one of the most popular styles this year. The reason this is so is because layers add dimension, body, texture, volume and movement to the hair. That is, they will be perfect if your hair is straight and a little fine or thin.

Long bob


The long bob haircut is another haircut that is all the rage. This is because the length of this cut is at shoulder level, which is extremely flattering for all face types. In addition, it will be very easy to maintain, care and style.



This style of cut turns out to be very natural and simple. The cut ends at the level of the clavicles, hence its peculiar name. It tends to emphasize the lines of the shoulders, neck and clavicles, so it is very flattering and is perfect to wear with V neck garments.

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