6 Basic tips so that your Poinsettias gives many flowers and does not wilt

The poinsettia is one of the most popular ornamental plants in Mexico and a basic decoration on holidays.

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For this plant to give many flowers and last throughout the year, there are some key points that we can follow.

1 . Place it in a place where it receives plenty of indirect light (without direct sunlight hitting it), as it needs light for several hours a day. Avoid humid or shady places , as they are plants susceptible to fungi, which could damage it.

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2 . The ideal temperature for your flowers to maintain their color and last longer, is considered between 15 and 25ºC . It is also important that it has good ventilation , without drafts .

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3 . Before watering it, put a finger in the soil, if it is dry , water it . Never wet the flowers or leaves , as this causes them to stain or discolor. This may be necessary 2 times a week , just make sure the pot has good drainage so that excess water drains out of the holes.

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4 . To help it flourish, nitrogen-rich compost can help it. Just avoid overdoing it, both the lack and excess of nutrients, can prevent flowers from appearing. You apply the fertilizer since October , it is a good choice .

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5 . When the Christmas season is over , prune it so it blooms quickly . Cut 2 cm above the elbow at a height of 50 cm, this helps to increase its foliage. February is a good time to prune it .

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6 . To make it last all year, find a place with natural lighting and water it once a week , fertilizing it with a soft compost. If possible, transplant it to a garden in a place where it does not get much sun , this can benefit it and turn it into a shrub.

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