4 habits that help you connect with your child: For moms with a lot of work and little time

A new day begins and you have hardly rested because you spent the night thinking about how to solve the problems at work, the problems at home and at the same time to take care of your child needs.

Maybe today you will be able to do all the tasks that you have pending and watch, even half a chapter of your favorite series. But you did not count on something: your son woke up with a stomach pain and it is so intense that you must take him to the doctor.

busy woman trying to work while babysitting two kids
Busy woman trying to work while babysitting two kids

No way, you will have to talk to your boss to tell him that something important came up and you will not be able to finish your work on time.

After so much running, you get to the doctor and, as if by magic, your child is perfectly healthy. Does this story seem familiar to you?

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Pediatrician examine child girl with stethoscope

Just like you, many moms have a life full of responsibilities. Although we know that household chores, work and motherhood can be overwhelming, it is important that you give yourself a few minutes a day to connect with your children.

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Those moments with you are invaluable to them, more than any material gift. That’s what remains etched in his memory, the smiles and the hugs.

preparation of family breakfast. mother and child son cut bread and eat cookies with milk in morning
preparation of a family breakfast. mother and child son cut bread and eat cookies with milk in morning

Here we list some techniques that you can carry out to connect with your children. You will need only a few minutes a day and, yes, a lot of attitude.

1 Start the day with a positive phrase

Take two or three minutes in the morning to look your children in the eye and say something positive to them, for example: Have an amazing day, I love you! or I am very proud of you! Don’t forget to hug and cuddle them.


2 Organize the meeting of the day

It does not have to be very long, or at a specific time: 20 minutes will be enough to share a fruit, a tea or a pack of cookies. How about reading a chapter from your favorite book? Just remember that distractions like having the TV on or looking at your cell phone are not worth it.

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3 Food with everyone

Make sure that during at least one of the three meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner), all the members of the family get together.

During that moment, take advantage of each one to talk about their feelings, emotions and everything that is on their minds.

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4 The special moment before going to bed

Before putting your children to bed, take 15 minutes to talk about whatever they want. You can support yourself by asking them questions like: What was the best thing that happened to you today? Is there something that worries you or you want to ask? or Tell me one of your dreams in life.

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