11 Beautiful Ideas To Recycle Your Old Tires

There are so many interesting designs that you can make and enjoy with your family and friends.

Colorful and cheerful flowers and plants can make any space prettier, so for today I have 11 flower pots made of tires that you will love.

Tires can be reused in many cool ways, but flower pots are our favorite.

The ideas that I show you below are very easy and quick to do, and will leave you speechless. So, let’s see and get some inspiration.

1. Rim flowerpot shaped like a bird.

1 23

2. Pot of tires painted in different colors.

2 17

3. Rim flowerpot painted blue and with colorful flowers.

3 18

4. Pots of tires cut in half supported by wooden sticks.

4 13

5. Hanging tire pot painted in lilac color.

5 13

6. Pots of tires painted white with red flowers that stand out.

6 15

7. Pots of tires on patio walls with hanging plants.

7 12

8. A tire pot on a cart pulled by a donkey made of tires.

8 12

9. Flower pot suspended from a tree with beautiful flowers.

9 10

10. Pot of tires in the shape of a water well.

10 10

11. Pot of rim painted green and hung from a tree.

11 8

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