20 sewing hacks that will make your life easier

Sewing allows us to expand our creativity, many people take it as a profession and make the best pieces of clothing in their territory. There are many tricks that you can use when sewing or mending your clothes and today we want to provide you with at least 20 of them to make your job easier from now on.

Sewing requires patience and a lot of time, the tricks that we are going to offer you are so simple and easy to carry out that from today you are going to use them all.

A bar of soap can be your pin holder

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Now it’s time to try this technique from now on.

Sewing loose threads will prevent problems with the fabric

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It is necessary to sew over it so that the seam does not spoil in the future.

Learn to sew circles in a simple way

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It is better to look for a mold with a circular

Pay attention to the corners

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The corners are very important in the seam, because if the thread comes out on that side, the entire seam is damaged.

Camouflaged zippers on your clothes

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If you use the proper method such as covering the sides of the zipper with whatever fabric you are, everything will be easier.

Is it possible to lengthen a sewing pattern?

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It is always best to keep a pattern according to the actual size of the garment you are sewing.

Always keep your scissors sharp

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Dull scissors will damage the fabric you are going to cut.

Duct tape for quilts

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The best thing you can do to sew perfect lines is to stick adhesive tape, you will notice spectacular results.

Preparation of the embroidery fabric

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If you don’t prepare the fabric before you start embroidering, then the job will be poorly done.

Don’t know where to put the spools of thread?

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With a thin wooden stick you can solve the problem. You insert the rod into the hole of the spools and place it on the sewing machine with adhesive tape. This way you can sew with two threads at the same time.

Union of fabrics with crochet thread

11 13

Apply this technique as soon as possible.

Stuff the spool of thread with the sewing machine

12 10

Activate the sewing machine and just as the spool turns, place the end of the thread and let it wrap itself around the spool.

Elastic bands for a good seam allowance

13 10

Elastic bands can help you a lot.

Pins to sew the fold of the fabric

14 10

Put a pin to know the measurement in which you will sew the hem of the fabric.

Common buttons to secure a shank button

15 8

This way your stem button won’t slip out of place. Simple right?

Spool separators

16 5

Use a pedicure divider to store the spools of threads.

Take the hem of the jean pants

17 5

You can take the hem and sew the hem so it looks like it’s unaltered.

Sew the drawstring of your sweatshirt

18 4

You can sew them and then you never have to worry about it again.

Toothpicks for hand sewing buttons

19 4

The exact location where you want to sew the button is often lost, so use a toothpick.

With tweezers you can sew the hems

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In addition to pins, tweezers can also be very useful.

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