10 ideas to decorate children’s food. They will eat everything!

It is quite common for our children to lose their appetite when it comes to certain foods, for example, vegetables, some fruits that seem strange to them, etc. Finding a way for them to feed themselves properly may seem difficult, but with the right methods the task becomes quite simple . With our help and the tips that we are going to provide you, you will have 10 new ideas to decorate your children’s food and that they consume it without problems.

Remember that forcing them is not going to help, try to make everything seem fun and draw their attention to avoid awkward moments and that they feel confident to eat these foods from now on at any time of the day. Take note and start applying these practical methods.

The colors of the food are very striking

If you start placing the foods in different colors, rest assured that your child will be very interested and will taste them without being forced.

The new flavors will do you good

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Do not always repeat the same food dishes, try to vary the amount of food that you serve so that it adapts to the new flavors and is not reluctant to try you.

Don’t serve too much food

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If you are trying to get your little one to eat the new foods you offer him, do not give him too much, remember that overdoing it can cause his appetite to decrease quickly.

Make figures at meals

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That is fun for them and will make them eat, you can try to make a happy , sad, crazy and even animal face, just let your creativity run wild.

Shape your food

For example, rice and bread are easy to shape and you can play with them by making shapes like castles , animal faces, etc.

Make palm trees with fruits

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Cut a banana so that it takes the shape of a palm tree trunk and to make the leaves, cut several pieces of kiwi . You can add small pieces of orange to make the sand.

Snails with grapes bananas and cereals

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You will make the body of the snail with the banana and the shell with the green or purple grapes and blueberries, they will love it.

Chickens with boiled eggs and olives

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You will have to take several boiled eggs and make them take the form of chicks that have just hatched and are hatching.

Peacock with pears, strawberries and grapes

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Place the pear in the middle of the plate and recreate the shape of the feathers with some grapes , strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

Fruit sticks

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Just like meat on a stick, only this time you will make them with a variety of fruits, this will make your child eat with confidence and not be closed to trying different foods from now on.

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