How to make a dream catcher in 4 easy steps.

Your nights and dreams will be wonderful!

A dream catcher is more than the decoration of your room . The dream catcher was created in one of the oldest American towns, Ojibwa , as an amulet to ward off all the bad things that come to us at night while we are in the dream world , it is considered a magical object and is usually placed on the counter of the bed, so that it is just above our heads. Do you want to learn how to make this ancient and beautiful amulet? You are in luck, because we are going to give some basic tips to make them at home.

First of all, making a dream catcher is totally simple, it does not involve too many materials, these are extremely cheap and you do not need much time to make them, with 30 minutes of your time you will already have your personalized dream catcher. Take note and start crafting this item as soon as possible.

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Materials needed for the dream catcher and production phases

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You need a ring, it does not matter if it is made of metal, plastic or wood, the important thing is that it has a round shape so that the essence of the object is maintained. You should also buy a thick thread, a leather or fabric rope that is the color of your choice, accessories such as beads, seashells, flowers, etc. and small or large feathers according to your tastes.

Once you have all this, you can start with the first phase of crafting. Take the ring and begin to cover it with the leather or fabric rope, it is necessary to cover it completely to keep it decorated and proceed with the second phase.

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This consists of making the spider web that comprises the interior of the dream catcher. Knot the thread at the ends of the hoop, so that you make a hexagon.

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You are going to repeat this procedure, reversing the beginning, until you have the fully created spider web with just the knotted thread itself.

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Third and fourth phase of elaboration of the dreamcatcher
Cut some threads and paste them with the feathers, it can be one thread per feather or several of them, to cover a little the union of the materials, proceed to place the beads or any jewelry material that you have on hand to decorate.

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Finished this phase, we go to the last part to have the amulet ready, you just have to knot or glue the thread with the feathers right in the lower area of ​​your homemade dream catcher and that’s it, you already have your dream catcher made.

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You can practice with materials of other colors and improvise with the way of making the spider web, after all, practice makes perfect and it is your creativity that takes center stage.

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