10 Incredible Transformations From Street Objects To Works Of Art

Do you remember when you used to paint on the walls of your room or just in your daily notebook? Life was more joyful with our colors and with the imagination flying, increasing creativity and being open to unique ideas. As we grow older, all that is usually lost, however, this is not the case of Tom Bob , the urban artist who has changed street objects into true works of art.

Most of his creations are found in New York, United States, but there are also some in Dubai and even in Taiwan. This man is able to bring a smile to the people who walk the streets daily thanks to his creativity, in addition, we realize that any object is a canvas that can soon be a piece of art.

Can you give me the time? This work is spectacular

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An object that was simple for everyone, now gives life to the streets, it is something fantastic.

A flamingo in Massachusetts

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Many were unaware that this object was on the wall, now it is the center of attention thanks to the flamingo.

“Don’t play the saxophone, let me play you”


The word adorable does not do justice to this drawing, it is unique and without a doubt very well made.

Earthworm kisses in Taiwan

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A colorful effect on the street is what is needed, it serves to get out of the monotony.

Kill insects in Dubai


It went from being an ordinary sewer to a bug killer, many people stop at that place to take pictures.

“Time to eat” A special drawing


And this is how a pipe takes the form of a worm that will become a bird’s dinner.

A toad on the shores of the pier


Docks are usually very understated, but now with this perfect paint job, they’ve become the center of attention in Taiwan.

Drilling in Taiwan

7 1

Even wiring installations can be transformed into art and this is the proof, any object can be painted.

“I don’t want my life to imitate art, I want my life to be art”

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Even the smallest details can have big impacts and this is no exception.

Global warming in Miami

9 1

Can we transform a deteriorated sidewalk into a beautiful work? Of course and Tom Bob has proven it.

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Source: Restless Culture

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