5 great tips to repair everyday objects in your home

It is quite common to find objects in poor condition or that we are simply responsible for some of them breaking and losing their usefulness, this time we want to provide you with some practical methods that you can use to repair these objects and use them again without any problem.

Your home and its objects can be remodeled and repaired, you just need to be patient and know the best tips to carry them out and start making use of those objects that we had previously left aside. These are 5 of the best tricks you can employ.

Milk is used to repair broken dishes

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Take all the broken pieces of the plate, join them as if it were a puzzle and seal it with adhesive tape, after that you are going to place it in a large container and cover it completely with hot milk. Let it rest for 48 hours and that’s it, you’ll have your crockery like new.

Ketchup is used to remove rust from your objects

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Spread ketchup on the entire surface of the object you want to clean and let it sit with the sauce for 5 minutes , then remove the remains with the help of a damp towel and rinse as usual.

Beer is excellent for cleaning your clothes

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From rings to necklaces, all your clothes will be very clean as soon as you rinse them with beer, preferably Corona, if you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter, any brand can be very useful. Submerge each garment in beer for 10 minutes and after that time you clean them until they dry. You will have your jewelry in perfect condition in no time.

The shower head is cleaned with vinegar

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When you notice that not enough water comes out of the head or that it is very dirty, take a plastic bag and fill it completely with vinegar, there you are going to place the head and leave it for 15 minutes , so that all the dirt it has comes off and can have normal use as if it were new.

Bagel bread removes dust from your paintings

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It is not something out of place, cut a Bagel bread in half and just rub it on the dusty part of the crumbs, you will notice how the dirt little by little adheres to the food and your pendants are as if they were just you will buy

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