9 very modern haircuts for boys

In this article we will introduce you to the trendiest haircuts for little boys. They are quite practical to wear and we are sure that your children will look charming.

With these haircuts, children do not have to worry about anything. They are very fresh, simple and totally comfortable; These cuts give priority to the comfort that children need at the time of the game or sport.

Modern haircuts for boys

1- Surf style cut

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If your child likes water activities, you should not hesitate to give him this typical surfer cut. Comfortable and suitable for exposure to the action of chlorine or sea salt, since if it discolors at the ends it will not look so bad. Some roots darker than the tips are very cool.

2- Burak style

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It is a cut and hairstyle that is very easy to maintain. It has a small pompadour on the front, and much more cut, almost shaved, on the sides. This funky cut is great for boys of any age.

3- Sporty cut

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The athlete child’s priority is to be comfortable. This haircut is completely natural, with the possibility of shaping by hand to style. It has a spiky look and adding a styling product will improve the look, give it freshness and softness.

4- Crazy cut

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This style is based on something crazy and fresh. Ideal for hyperactive children who enjoy games in general.

5- Ideal haircut for boys who love basketball

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Why great? Boys who play basketball are a bit more flirtatious and not as “comfortable” inclined. They usually resolve the bangs on the face with a tape that contains the strands.

6- Casual haircut

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This cut could be the most classic of all and, despite that, it is still casual and modern. It has long side bangs and a covered nape, but with a slight parting. Very easy to carry!

7- For young children

6 25

Any child who wears it will look charming, adorable and neat. It is a very popular style in young children, since it is ideal for thin hair, allowing it not to get tangled and looking very natural.

8- Boy Scout

7 21

For a boy who loves camp and participates in group activities like boy scouts, where they need to be free but neat, nothing better than this cut that, combed with gel to the side, is really neat.

9- Flirty

8 15

Totally cool with a big pompadour on the forehead. Ideal for those who want to stand out among their peers, as it will capture attention. A little mousse or gel-type product is needed to hold the pompadour in place for that elegant and irresistible look.

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