10 Ideas to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Blue and White Tones

The blue tones are perfect for decorating one white Christmas tree. Whether you opt for soft tones like turquoise blue or stronger ones like navy blue, in both cases the contrast it makes with white is so striking that you won’t need to saturate the tree with many ornaments.

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Place spheres of different sizes in these shades, adding ribbons or strips of blue beads. Using white lights is important to maintain balance and make our Christmas tree look spectacular.

Tree with blue and silver spheres.

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Tree with blue spheres of different sizes.

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Tree with turquoise blue spheres.

3 45

Tree with blue spheres and silver decorations.

4 44

Tree with blue spheres, berries and ribbon.

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Tree with different blue ornaments.

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Tree with silver decorations and blue spheres and bow.

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Tree with blue spheres and ornaments.

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Tree with blue spheres and snowflakes.

9 28

Tree with blue decorations and white lights.

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