9 ideas of Christmas Decorations with Logs

Use logs of any size to create Christmas decorations. Opt to use different cuts of logs, from thin slices to long pieces that can be used vertically.

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Decorate each of these pieces according to the different Christmas characters, such as reindeer, snowmen or Santa Claus. You can also simply use the logs as bases to place candles or other Christmas arrangements.

Trunks with heads of Santa Claus.

1 39

Painted logs with hats and scarves.

2 42

Trunks and branches in the shape of reindeer.

3 44

Trunks in the shape of snowmen.

4 43

Large logs with candles and pine cones.

5 43

Logs with candles, pine cones, berries and ribbon.

6 40

Trunks painted with the face of Santa Claus.

7 40

Trunks in the shape of snowmen with scarves.

8 32

Trunks in the shape of snowmen with wire arms and hats.

9 27

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