10 easy and simple hairstyles to celebrate Christmas and New Years with style

We are weeks away from the end of the year and we are in the holiday season with family, friends, co-workers, and the end of school for some; And there is nothing more important than looking beautiful without investing a lot of time and money .

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Here are some hairstyles that you can show off on any special occasion; we include options for long, short, straight and curly hair.

Braid and roll for long wavy hair

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Short and collected wavy hair

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Center braid with short hair

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Loose braid for short hair

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Wavy updo on short hair

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Curled with bump on short hair

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Rolled braids for long hair

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Bump up in long hair

8 34

Rolled lower bun for long hair

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Half braid to the side for short hair

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