10 Amazing Ways To Repurpose Your Cereal Boxes

If you like crafts, and you are interested in doing your bit to help the environment, here are 10 original ways to reuse your cereal boxes. Check out these crafts that you will not believe you can do with a simple recycled cardboard box.

You can make nice lamps by piercing the boxes with an ice pick.

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Also a drawer organizer.

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You can make a very chic decoration for your apartment.

3 30

With a little fabric or paper, you can make gift bags.

4 25

You can make some nice notebooks.

5 25

Also some beautiful stars for decoration.

6 25

You can make different magazine racks.

7 23

And if you add cardboard tubes you can make a book organizer.

8 21

Keep your shoes in good condition and transform them into shoe racks.

9 19

Also some nice pencil cases.

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