Learn how to make roses by recycling melted candles

Today I want to invite you to learn how to make beautiful roses with melted candles, take advantage of the remains of candles, this is a beautiful decorative option, whose preparation is very delicate and stress-free. Once you practice the technique of assembling the petals to make the roses, you can make them quickly, and you can even make them to give to your friends or to sell.

You need:

Recycled or new candles
Red crayons or whatever you want to dye the roses
Pot – Stick to stir the solution
Wick to make the wick of the candle
Candle essence
Slim knife

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Step by Step:

Preferably you can recycle the small candles that are already melted, then put them in small pieces in a pot (you can also use a scriber to remove fine pieces from the candle), in the same way cut the red or pink crayon into thin pieces (this crayon is the one that children often use to color).

Once you have these 2 ingredients in your pot, put it in a double boiler and melt over medium heat.

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You can add more crayon to give the rose petals more color.

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This is how it looks like a bain-marie.

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This is the way both the candle and the crayon have melted, you can add a few drops of essence if you wish.

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Now put a few tablespoons of the melted candle, on the wooden table or a surface where you can work, do them in different ways, these will be the petals of the rose, (12 petals will be needed).

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Once the petals are semi solid, detach them with your fingers and mold them, putting the wick inside. You can put in your hands, butter or cream to make it easier for you to work the candle wax.

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Keep adding more petals to the rose. You do not need glue for them to stick, as the still fresh wax adheres more easily.

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This is how the roses look when you add more petals. Once you have the rose armed, take it to the refrigerator for a few minutes, this way you will make the candle harden.

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Now put some melted wax in a container and then put the candle so that it sticks.

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Decorative candles in the shape of roses

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Paint the edges of the petals with gold metallic acrylic paint

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Decorative candles

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Roses with melted candles

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