Young transforms old tires into beautiful beds for animals. Help the planet creatively

With this great idea, generate money and create an impact on your environment.

It is estimated that every year about a billion tires are discarded around the world, generating tons of garbage that does not degrade and remains on our planet forever, which is why the ingenious business of a 22-year-old Brazilian has called the attention of hundreds of buyers.

Amarildo Silva lives in Paraíba, Brazil, and for a year he has been recycling tires in his spare time. He turns ugly tires into beautiful beds for cats and dogs.

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It has already sold more than 500 units, according to Nation, assuring that it has also received orders from Europe and Asia: « I just don’t sell more because I don’t have the structure to sell outside the state, but I have many people asking from all over Brazil, even from many countries here from America, from Europe and from Asia .”

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The boy works as a cashier in a store, but that does not stop him from following his passion and vocation for crafts, since in every spare moment he has, he takes the opportunity to collect unused wheels and manufacture new products.

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In addition to beds, Amarildo makes ecological puffs, buckets with the theme of sustainability, garbage cans and other objects.

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Where did the idea come from? He proposed to generate extra income by reusing other people’s waste, in this way he could save the cost of materials and help care for the environment.

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What started out as a simple business idea, little by little, was transformed into an impact initiative, generating a change in its environment and creating awareness of the garbage we generate.

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Source: Upsocl

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