Never throw away plastic containers again. Why? Here I show you 16 great ways to reuse them

Did you know that you can create very useful objects with packaging? If you did not know, today we show you some of the incredible Ideas that you can do with the containers that we usually throw away once we have used them. When you see how many amazing things you can do, you won’t want to throw them away ever again.

Currently we need to reuse each object; recycling has become essential to take care of our planet, but by recycling them we are not only doing a good job, but we can also make objects that can make our lives much easier. Do you want to know how it is done? I invite you to continue reading, and do not forget to share this article with all your friends.

16 Incredible Objects You Can Make With Packaging
Idea 1
When charging your phone you will no longer have to leave it on the ground with this Idea, and you can decorate the container as you like.

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Idea 2
With this ingenious Idea you will no longer have to struggle to untie the knots that you make to the bags, you just have to cut a container and use it to screw the bag

2 34

Idea 3
Make an ecological and very useful basket. Use it to store clothes, your children’s toys and much more.

3 20

Idea 4
Ecological speakers that believe it or not, their sound and volume can sound very good.

4 22

Idea 5
You no longer have to leave your sponge in the sink, filling everything with soap. This is an economical and practical sponge holder made of plastic.

5 19

Idea 6
It is better to be cautious, and if you are inexperienced in cutting food, it is better to use them to avoid cuts.

6 16

Idea 7
This is a very useful Idea for preparing and filtering tea. It’s amazing all the uses we can give to empty containers!

7 14

Idea 8
This cute glass will serve to store all your pencils, markers and pens. And if it is for your daughter, she will surely love to make it.

8 12

Idea 9
You no longer have to spend money on pots, you can make your own and decorate them in your own style.

9 9

Idea 10
By just using a piece of the pot, you can protect your plants from cold and humidity.

10 8

Idea 11
If you open a hole in a can and connect a hose to it, you will have a very useful and inexpensive sprayer for your garden.

11 4

Idea 12
If you like to ride a bike but hate being dirty after the ride, this Idea is perfect to protect yourself from stains.

12 4

Idea 13
If you misplace your camera cap while shopping for another, you can use the bottom of a container to cover it.

13 3

Idea 14
If your faucet does not have enough pressure and reach, it is not a cause for concern, with this incredible Idea you will be able to achieve a better reach of the water.

14 3

Idea 15
By squeezing the container a little, we can absorb the yolks and separate them from the whites.

15 2

Idea 16
Avoid spending money buying a dustpan: You can make your own from a disposable juice container.

16 2

What do you think of these Ideas? Which one would you like to try first?

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