With fabric softener and vinegar, any floor can shine! Great Trick!

When you are cleaning the home it is very important to have some resources to have the house sparkling and impeccable, but it is not always possible because some products instead of helping damage the appearance. Therefore, now we will give you a trick with fabric softener and vinegar to polish even the most opaque floor .

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Now that people have been more at home and looking to help the environment more, home-made tricks that allow savings have become popular, and it is also possible to obtain effective and positive results.

Perhaps you had not imagined that vinegar can also help you give your mosaic and dirty tile a lustrous appearance; You will not have to change the pieces one by one, you just need to follow this effective tip.

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How to say goodbye to a dull, dirty floor

Perhaps one of the most recurring problems within floor polishes is that they leave a feeling that you could slip and fall all the time; But not with this trick with fabric softener and vinegar to shine even the dullest floor .

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The only thing you have to do to achieve the desired effect is to dilute 1 cap of fabric softener with 1/2 cup of vinegar in a bucket of warm water ; later you will mop as usual.

You will notice how little by little this homemade trick with vinegar will help to loosen the pastes that remain attached to your floor and make it look dull.

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