How to remove sweat from pillows without washing them

Without a doubt, the bed is the most pleasant place in our home and where we recover from daily fatigue. In fact, we try to clean it impeccably and the pillows are the ones that we should pay the most attention to.

Logically, the pillows are impregnated with perspiration or sweat from our head and especially in the summer time. Which is why, with daily use they get dirty.

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We may think that keeping them clean is something very complicated, but far from being it, a lot can be done for our pillows.

In fact, when we start cleaning our bed, our covers and sheets are washed in the washing machine. We have surely left the mattress in the sun, and we can also do it with the pillows.

How to clean pillows


As a first measure, it is best to wash the pillows. However, now we will see a practical and effective trick for when we cannot wash the pillows or they may not enter the washing machine.

Clean your pillows with baking soda

As we well know, sodium bicarbonate is a great ally in the home, whether in the kitchen or in the cleaning that we usually do.

When it comes to cleaning pillows, baking soda is highly effective in removing moisture and odor from perspiration on pillows. In fact, it acts as an excellent bactericide and absorbs moisture very well.


We start by removing the pillowcase and sprinkle it with baking soda on one side first, let it act for about 30 minutes to act.
Then, when the time is up, it is vacuumed well, removing all dust and dirt.
Next, we will repeat the procedure with the other side of the pillows, in order to complete the cleaning.


  1. To keep the pillows clean, it is advisable to hang them up and leave them exposed to the sun.
  2. Also, we can put a plastic under the cover so that the cover can simply be washed. Remember, always wash these covers regularly and the plastic once a month, approximately.
  3. Another solution is to make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide with lemon, which allows us to get a homemade antimicrobial with powerful active ingredients that remove sweat and saliva stains from white pillows.
  4. This is a simple but powerful mixture of 1/2 cup of lemon juice and 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide:

The ingredients are incorporated in a bucket with hot water and we immerse the pillow for approximately 1 hour.
When the indicated time has elapsed, we rinse the pillows and put them to dry in the sun.

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