Why put onions in the freezer

All of us once wanted to know what was the technique or the way to make the recipes that our grandmothers cooked for us. In general, they are characterized by having that special home flavor that fills our souls just by tasting and savoring food.

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Today we will provide some Grandma ‘s kitchen tips.

Homemade cooking tricks

Next, we are going to show you some food preparation and storage ideas in order to improve the flavor and consistency of the dishes. In addition, these tips will help us speed up the cooking.

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1.- How to prevent the onion from making us cry

When we are about to make some preparation that has onion, it surely happens to us that when we cut it, our eyes get irritated and we feel like crying unconsciously. Therefore, we are going to give you this ideal advice so that it does not happen.

Before chopping the onion, we will place it in the freezer for approximately 10 minutes. After time, we will remove the onion from the freezer to be able to continue with the preparation normally.

2.- How to prevent the boiling water from the pot from overflowing

Many times it has happened to us that because we are doing many things at the same time, the boiling water in our pot overflows. Therefore, we are going to give you an ideal advice so that this does not happen and then we do not have to be cleaning everything.

What we must do is place a wooden spoon on top of the pot. Although we do not believe it, the water will not rise and in this way we will already have our kitchen safe.

3.- How to improve the condition of vegetables

It usually happens to all of us that some vegetables wither and we choose to throw them away. Therefore, we bring you a solution to improve the condition of vegetables, without having to discard them.

The first thing we should do is place ice water next to half a raw potato in a bowl or kitchen container. Once that is done, we will add our vegetables and let them rest for a few minutes.

After time, we will see that the condition of our vegetables improved a lot and they returned to have those crisp and tense characteristics.

4.- How to remove moisture from salt

Most of the time it happens to us that the salt gets moistened by being in contact with the steam of the food when we season it.

For this reason, we advise you that we also add some grains of rice inside the container where we keep the salt, so that it absorbs all the moisture, and thanks to this it will flow more easily.

5.- How to remove the shell from the egg without breaking it

To remove the shell from the hard-boiled egg more easily, we will add 1 lemon slice to the water where it will be cooked. This will cause the shell that covers the egg to come off without damaging it, due to the properties that these products contain.

6.- With what to supplant the egg in pastry

Many times we have forgotten to buy this main ingredient to make our sweet recipe. Therefore, today we will provide you with an easy and fast solution.

We will add 1/2 a previously crushed ripe banana to the preparation. This will make our recipe take on a bit of tonality and moisture, which will help us to reach a successful result.

7.- How to get the salty out of the soup or broth

It happens to most of us that because we are scattered or by some accident, we overdo it with salt, which will ruin the final result of our recipe.

We will add 1 raw potato in the soup or broth and let it act for 10 minutes so that the salt is absorbed. After time, we will remove the potato and test our preparation, if we notice that it is still salty, we will repeat the process again with another raw potato until everything returns to normal.

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