What are the mysterious bags that come inside the shoe boxes for?

Very often, when you buy an item (shoes, electrical equipment, wallets, etc.), in addition to that, you also receive a small bag that says “Silica Gel”. It is a granular substance that absorbs and protects the product from moisture.

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Most of the time, we throw these bags away because we don’t know what to do with them, but they could be very useful.

How to use silica gel

1.- Wet cell

If your phone gets wet or even “bathed” it, simply turn off the device, remove the battery and SIM card, and then put it in a container of silica gel overnight to absorb all the moisture.

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2.- Moldy clothes

If your things are still damp after your vacation, put a couple of bags of silica gel in your suitcase to make the musty smell go away.

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3.- Smelly sports bag

The smell of a gym bag and locker is certainly not pleasant. If you put several sachets of silica gel in your bag, the smell will disappear at least partially.

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4.- Foggy camera lens

Camera lenses can fog up, for example when moving from cold to warm, so these magic bags will come to the rescue. You can put them in the camera case or in critical cases (like with a cell phone), repeat the procedures described in point 1.

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5.- Seed storage

If there are bags of seeds in the house to sow, you must be very careful and make sure that they do not get wet during the winter. But this will not be a problem if you take an airtight container and put the bags with seeds and silica gel there.

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6.- Dry flowers

Flowers can be dried faster by wrapping them in paper with one or more bags of silica gel.

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7.- Storage of photographs

Do you want to enjoy the vivid memories captured in old photos for longer? Leave a bag of silica gel in the cardboard box with the pictures. This will prevent them from sticking.

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8.- Caring for cutlery

Silica gel will protect good quality silver from tartar. A bag of silica gel in a kitchen drawer or jewelry box and the rust will not touch other metal products if this absorbent is used.

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9.- Razor blade

Razor blades are constantly in contact with water, resulting in rust and dullness. What can you do to prevent this? Store them together with this magical substance in a plastic box; they will last you much longer.

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10.- Windshield

The more bags of silica gel you have on your dash, the less foggy your windshield will be.

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