Video of newborn twins cuddling in their sleep has gone viral

There is nothing more beautiful than waiting for those little ones who we know will change our lives, but will also bring us an infinite number of happy moments accompanied by great personal growth.

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Next, we show you the story of two twins who became viral through a published video.

The twins Sofia and Sara

First of all, it is important to know that twins are produced by the fertilization of two ovules in the same pregnancy, and otherwise, twins are the result of the fertilization of a single ovule that share genes and are always of the same gender.

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Twin brothers are said to have a different connection. They have special characteristics, among which is mutual support, affection and companionship. It was common to think that they could even feel the same, but recent studies have shown that this is not the case, that what people feel has to do with the environment and the lifestyle of each person, therefore it is an individual feeling.

In the case of these twins, what has attracted attention is the face of happiness with days of life that one of them shows when she opens her eyes and notices that her sister is next to her.

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These girls who are about to turn a year are still so united and showing the happiness they feel for each other.

Their parents always publish on social networks how many situations they manage to take from their girls, and walk around the world with them. They have already traveled through Italy, Greece and Spain, and after the video that made them go viral they are even recognized in many places where they appear.

His parents, Juan Carlos and Juliana have not changed their lifestyle, which involves maintaining their growth, education and care, without neglecting their obligations such as keeping their jobs in the real estate industry.

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That is how Unilad Magazine accessed a video that caught their attention and they did not hesitate to upload it to their Facebook network. This video reached many users and went viral, being one of the most viewed with more than 22 million views and more than 133 thousand people who have reacted.

As you may have seen, you will notice the happy face of one of the twins who poses embracing the other while they take a nap.

Also, this video gave rise to a large number of people publishing photos of their twin children showing similar situations and celebrating this union. by this? Share the article with your friends!