Tea bags to eliminate bad odor and 19 other home hacks – improve your life

Cleaning the home is something we pay attention to every day, but the challenge is to keep the house scented.

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Although we have many commercial products at our disposal, we can turn to homemade solutions. These are very easy, cheap homemade tricks that give excellent results.

Next, we show you some homemade tricks that will be of great help to you at home.

1- For smelly shoes

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We put the tea bags we use in each shoe. After a few minutes we will notice that the bad smell disappears.

2- For wooden furniture

Tea bags will be of great help in removing the unpleasant smell. We can place the bags in the corners of the furniture and leave them there. After a while we will notice how the bad smell disappears.

3- For the bad smell of the hands

In general, when we cook with onions, we always have a strong smell impregnated in our hands.

The recommendation is tea bags, but for this we need the ones that we already use in an infusion and they are moist. We rub our hands with the bag for a few minutes and that’s it.

4- To remove bad smell from shoes

It is normal for our feet to sweat and often the bad smell is present. Especially if it is hot or if we have them on for several hours. To solve this problem, we must leave a tea bag that we have used inside each shoe.

5- For the cat litter box

Reuse the tea bags and place them in your cat’s litter box. We can place 1 or 2 in each corner of the box. The suggestion is to change them every 3 or 4 days to always keep them free of bad odors.

6- To clean fruits and vegetables

It is essential to disinfect the food we consume, for that vinegar is a great ally and very effective. Wash greens and vegetables with vinegar diluted in water to kill germs.

7- To keep ants out of the home

It is common for ants to invade the house, so they can be kept away by spraying vinegar on the doors and windows.

To avoid being surprised at night, we can spray vinegar on the kitchen counter. In passing, we disinfect the surface and eliminate the bad smell left by the food.

One recommendation is to avoid using it on granite or marble, as it could affect the natural shine of the stone.

8- To clean burnt pans


For when we have black kitchen utensils, such as the frying pan, we can try a very effective trick.

Sprinkle baking soda over the pan, put it in hot water and let it soak for a couple of hours until the adhering dirt loosens. To finish, we wash as we usually do.

9- For the toilet

Pour 2 to 3 cups of alcohol vinegar directly into the toilet and let it sit for about 3 hours. After the rest time we proceed to rub with the toilet brush and rinse well.

10- To remove dirt from the walls

We can always have stains or marks on a wall in our house. An effective trick is baby wipes. By simply rubbing the stained areas we will see how quickly they disappear.

11- Let’s prepare our own glass cleaner

Mix one part water and two parts spirit vinegar in a spray bottle. Then proceed to spray the mixture on glass and crystal surfaces with a clean cloth. We passed it until all the marks were removed.

12- How to remove the smell of garlic

Handling garlic gives us an intense odor on our hands, no matter how much we wash it, it is very difficult to eliminate it.

We must get a spoon or some stainless steel object. Just by washing our hands and rubbing the object on them, even in areas where it is difficult to reach.

13- To remove grease stains


To remove grease stains, dishwashing detergent is ideal. A little detergent is applied to the stains, we leave it to act for a few minutes and wash the garments as usual.

14- For showers and tubs

Moisture and mold, as well as soap scum build up. Just spray white vinegar on the tub and shower walls undiluted, let it sit for a few minutes, rub a little and rinse with plenty of water to remove everything.

15- To clean the faucets

In a container, mix 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of salt. We then sponged it over the faucets and all the water marks on the shower heads.

16- For the children’s sandbox

Cinnamon is added in the sandbox where children play. The results will be to drive away all the insects, we know the dangers that this entails when many little animals could approach the children’s games.

17- To eliminate the smell of bleach

The homemade trick is to pour a little vinegar or lemon juice on your hands and then rinse them with plenty of water. Let ‘s not forget to apply a moisturizing cream to soften our hands.

18- For the maintenance of wooden furniture


It is about giving use to coconut oil, it will help us to highlight the natural color of the wood, rehydrate it and eliminate the musty smell.

19- For mosquito bites

Vick VapoRub is applied to the areas where mosquitoes have bitten us to calm the irritation. It can also be used for coughs by applying it to the feet and the back of the knees.

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