Shocking secrets of the food industry that nobody tells you

When shopping we are used to taking what most attracts our attention, without taking into account if it is the healthiest and richest for us.

In this article we will share with you some great tricks that will help you learn a little more about how to make your purchases in a better way than you have been doing. These are great tips, so take note!

Secrets of the food industry that you should know

Hard cheeses

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When you buy hard cheese, pay attention to several details: The color must be homogeneous, without a white layer on the crust; the holes should be the same size and evenly distributed; If you press lightly on the cheese and it doesn’t spring back to its original shape, it’s best not to buy it.


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The color of fresh meat should be pink, but not dark red. Pay attention to the fat skins, they should be bright and clear. The structure of the meat should always return to its original shape and should not stick to your hands.

Ground coffee

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Choose coffee that is in the middle price: a cheap product is unlikely to be of good quality, but an expensive product will probably taste the same. Good ground coffee is never packaged in plastic containers, only metal or glass. And the expiration date of a natural coffee should not exceed 18 months.


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Natural honey should be transparent and have a uniform color. The taste of good honey is very sweet, it has a specific aroma. If you rub a drop of this honey between your fingers, it should easily dissolve and absorb into your skin.

Ice cream

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When choosing an ice cream always read its ingredients. Many times the dessert that contains fruit flavors cannot boast the naturalness of its ingredients. In the best case, the product will only have nuts or gummies. But flavored popsicles contain tons of preservatives.


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To begin with, when choosing chocolate, pay attention to its ingredients: The more bitter it is, the better its quality. A good product must contain precisely cocoa, any variation of this component is a sign of low quality. Also, it is better to buy a chocolate that contains cocoa oil, not vegetable.


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Fresh fish should have colored eyes, dull, bulging eyes indicate that the fish is not as good. The gills must be bright red, in a few cases light pink is accepted (when the blood was removed by the gills). The body should be flexible: if you take a fish in your hands, its tail should hang freely.


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Fresh bread should not be hard, that’s why in the store it always touches the merchandise. Do not buy bread packed in polyethylene, this packaging helps the bread stay soft for longer but within a few hours the food will lose its flavor completely.



Choosing carrots is very easy: Buy the one that is less colorful, without spots and medium in size.


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Peppers with 2-3 compartments will be bitter and have fewer seeds. If there are 4 compartments, the pepper is sweet and has many seeds. When the vegetable is not cut, count the lumps on the bottom.


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When buying green onions, pay attention to the line between the white and green part. If the limit is well marked, the onion is good; if it’s fuzzy, the onion will be too hard.


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It’s no secret that gelatin is made by boiling the skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones of pigs and cows.

If you are a vegetarian, you can change it to agar-agar, this substance keeps solid foods at room temperature.

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