Learn how to make decorations with balloons for any type of occasion

Preparing for a party or meeting does not have to be expensive, especially if we have great ingenuity.

If you are about to give a party and you don’t know how to decorate the place, today we bring you 10 great ideas to decorate with balloons. They are unique and out of the ordinary, which we are sure your guests will love. Get to work and prepare a beautiful memory!

Hang the balloons like a curtain

1 37

Make a worm climbing the door or walls: Special to celebrate a child’s birthday.

2 29

Celebration in winter

3 26

Celebration and colored strips. Like a rainbow!

4 29

Balloons covered with fabrics

5 23

Octopus Balloon

6 20

Balloons with hanging photographs to surprise someone special


For a special occasion: Balloons arranged in the shape of a heart


For a sophisticated or very romantic celebration


Dinosaur balloons. Children will be fascinated by this idea!

10 6

Doesn’t everything look amazing? The best thing is that it does not take much time to put together these types of decorations.

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