Routine for beginners: 8 basic exercises to harden and define the abdomen

To have a healthy body, not only is a good diet enough , it is also necessary to drink a lot of water and perform exercise routines. We know that it can be very complicated to exercise daily, there are people who are too lazy to even do squats, but they are necessary efforts to improve our appearance and health at a general level. Beginner routines are usually the most favorable to increase the interest of people, in fact, we have some that can help you during the first weeks.

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The first thing that people tend to exercise is the abdomen and it is not for less, they will always want to have that flat area and increase strength until the long-awaited abs appear. Do you want to harden that area of ​​your body and keep it defined? Follow these tips to show off a spectacular body in a short time.

Double crunches to define the abdomen

The best thing you can do is perform at least 20 repetitions for every 4 series , this is a fairly simple exercise to do and the results are fast as long as you eat properly.

Leg raises with crunches

For this you need to do continuous work, perform 30 repetitions with alternate legs, rest 3 minutes and then resume the routine, try to do 3 to 4 daily series .

Alternate leg raises

Keep your back on the ground and raise your legs 20 times for every 3 sets .

Leg and hip raise

4 series of 10 repetitions each , you can rest for 3 minutes and do this exercise 5 times a week.

Plank with hip extension

With only 3 daily series of 20 repetitions each one will be enough to maintain a good and defined figure.

Mountain climbers

This routine not only helps you define your legs and buttocks, but also helps to tighten your abdomen.

Side plank with double crunches

30 repetitions of 4 series , with this you will be able to define your abdomen in a few periods of time without the need for much effort.

Side planks

Do 20 repetitions and try to be very consistent to improve your figure.

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