21 kitchen tricks that will be of great help to you

Culinary arts are not so simple, there are certain difficulties that only a cook knows. These tricks can make your passion more bearable than before, they will be very helpful .

The kitchen is not just preparing delicious culinary dishes, it is about hygiene, the correct way to store and cut food, cooking time and even avoiding or eliminating stains and bad smells from cooking items.

Ice cream scoop to remove seeds from vegetables

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Cut the vegetables in half and with the help of an ice cream spoon and start removing the seeds.

Excess fat is removed with ice

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Take an ice cube and cover it with a napkin to later pass it through the plate that has too much oil.

Freeze cling film

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If you freeze it, you will prevent it from sticking to your fingers and prevent it from breaking.

Citrus skin will now be easier to remove

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Put the citrus fruits in the microwave and leave them there for 20 seconds.

Learn how to properly peel boiled eggs

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In the cooking water, pour a few drops of vinegar or a little baking soda.

Heat the fruits to squeeze all their juice

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Cool the citrus, then warm them up a bit in the microwave and proceed to juice them.

Freeze the cheese so it doesn’t stick to the grater.

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Frozen cheese doesn’t stick to the grater, so you can forget about residue.

Freeze the onion so your eyes don’t get irritated

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You should only freeze the onion so that when you cut it, your eyesight does not suffer any type of irritation.

Avoid boils when cooking pasta

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Place a wooden spoon on top of the pot where you cook the pasta to prevent the water from spilling.

Cooking the whole chicken is now easy

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Make sure the chicken breast is close to the heat, so all the chicken cooks quickly.

Parchment paper to make desserts

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If you don’t have the proper molds, parchment paper is the best thing to use.

A glass of water to heat baked food

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Microwaved food releases moisture, to avoid this, you should heat them with a glass of water right next to it.

The right way to cook poached eggs

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Instead of pouring oil into the pan, pour water, so your dish will be to the point.

Freeze herbs and spices

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This way they will keep for a long time.

Keep the smell and taste of nuts

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Store nuts and dried fruit in airtight containers.

Season the pans with salt

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Detergent will not have the same effect as sa.

Get rid of the bad smell of your hands with lemon

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Wash your hands with lemon every time you finish cooking to remove that smelly aroma.

Water and vinegar for chrome containers

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A solution of water and vinegar will keep chrome pans intact and durable.

Boil the wooden spoons and dry them in the sun

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In this way you prevent them from losing their original shape and you end up with the unpleasant smell that they usually acquire over time.

Salt and lemon for the cutting boards

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With this trick you can eliminate food waste and bad smell.

Hang your recipe books to avoid dirtying them

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In the kitchen area it can get dirty or in the worst case, spoil. If you hang them you extend their useful life.

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