Mango and Cornstarch Dessert Recipe (with a touch of condensed milk)

It is difficult to resist the sweet flavor and texture of the mango, which along with its color is capable of transporting us to a tropical paradise.

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But, to know how to choose it, the texture is much more important: a ripe mango will feel slightly soft when pressed.

Another factor to take into account is the smell: a ripe mango will give off a fruity, sweet and pleasant aroma. If it has a fermented accent, it means that it is no longer fresh.

Mango and Cornstarch Dessert Recipe

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3 Manila mangoes, the pulp (you can substitute mango in syrup)
3 cups of milk
3 tablespoons condensed milk
3 tablespoons cornstarch or cornstarch
1 cup whipped cream


Blend the milk with the condensed milk and the mango pulp.
Add the cornstarch or cornstarch and mix until there is not a lump left.
In a pot, heat the mixture until it begins to thicken. It will be ready when it acquires a thick texture, similar to that of pastry cream.
Pour the mango cream into serving molds and let cool.
When the mixture is completely cold, refrigerate.
Served with whipped cream.

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The mango dessert that we propose is a high-calorie preparation. If you are looking for a lighter option, just do this:

Swap the condensed milk for Greek yogurt and add no-calorie sweetener to taste.
Use skim milk or a plant-based alternative like coconut milk.
Swap out the cream for whipped cream of coconut or more Greek yogurt to add good-quality protein and fat.

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