Machine sewing: With these tricks you will be an expert. Learn them all here and make great confections. They will look perfect!

If you like art and sewing, then surely you will really like these tricks that we will show you today. What we will show you will be a basic sewing class for you to learn certain key machine sewing tricks. If you are starting in this beautiful art, then these tips will fit you like a glove because they are a great guide.

By means of a video tutorial and a series of images with their due explanation, you will be able to manage this sewing technique to perfection, in this way you will be able to know how to make various seams correctly, since you will have the appropriate technique and if you practice everything that we will mention today will be even better.

Linear or simple sewing
This is about making stitches in a linear way along the fabric.


1- Choose the linear or straight stitch that comes out on your sewing machine.

2- Select the stitch length. For simple garments it is better to choose a medium.

3- Set the proper tension; number 4 will be fine.

0 34
1 36

4- To make the straight stitch you can take 3 reference points:

The indentations that are under the presser foot, which will guide you so that you do not lose your way when sewing. The normal seam of clothing is done at 1.5 cm, that is, at the third line, counting from the teeth of the presser foot.
Reference the distance from the edge of the presser foot. The center groove that is in the center of the presser foot.

2 30

5-Place the fabric under the presser foot, lower it, step on the pedal and start sewing. Finish off at the beginning and end of the seam, this is done approximately half a centimeter.

3 17

Corner Seam

To sew a corner or square shape you must follow certain steps:

1- Make a linear seam, and when you reach approximately 1 cm or 1.5 cm from the end of the fabric, leave the needle stuck in it. If you see that it is a long or short distance to reach the centimeter or centimeter and a half, manually adjust the distance at which you want to make the corner.

4 17

2- With the needle stuck in the fabric, raise the presser foot

5 13

3- Rotate the fabric 90 degrees

7 9

4- Lower the presser foot and sew a simple linear seam

7 10

Curved Seam

8 8

There are two ways to sew on a curve, one is to sew the stitches slowly and turn the fabric with your hands, and the other way is to lift the presser foot and turn the fabric, sewing little by little until you get the desired curve.

9 6
10 5

Source: Simple and easy

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