Cops shout out: You should always hang a glass on the door handle

Have you ever lived in a hotel and then had an uneasy feeling, like someone weird was walking around outside?

Nothing weird about that, because in a new environment it is normal to feel a little insecure. And who knows?

Don’t worry, you’re not paranoid! This feeling is completely normal, because in new places it is common to feel like this, after all you are far from home.

Glass on the door trick can help you in many situations:

How does it work? First of all you must have a glass. It should be big enough to be able to hang it on the door handle and put another one on top so that both hold up well.

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That’s it? Well yes. Because if a stranger tries to get in, then the glass will immediately fall to the floor and you will automatically wake up from the sound!

In addition, that person who wanted to enter will also be scared by the alarm caused by the noise. As you may have seen, this system is very easy to set up and there are almost always cups available, either in a hotel or anywhere else.

The only drawback is that if someone opens the door, the glasses can break into a thousand pieces when they fall, but between that and finding a thief, I think the best option is clear.

It doesn’t have to be hard to make a trap of your own! Well, and if you don’t want to risk having many pieces of broken glass on the floor, you can leave a towel or a rug to cushion the fall.

Source: Universonatural

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