Learn how to make these homemade toys with recycled materials

Your little one can have fun with practically anything , in fact, there are times when he uses the objects in your house and puts aside the toys you bought him, well, in this type of case you can use recyclable materials and make homemade toys , in this way you will make him understand that not everything is acquired with money and in the best of cases, he will be encouraged to make some toys with you.

You do not need to spend a lot of money, waste time or buy things anywhere, the materials are usually in your home and you can use them to make homemade toys, we have some examples for you so pay attention and make the one you like the most .

Plastic bottles can be used as a dollhouse

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This is a pretty good idea and will save you money. Take the plastic containers that you do not use and start drawing the parts of a house, from the windows to the roof, in fact, you can cut a certain area so that your daughters can enter the dolls and can play freely. The color or design may vary, you just need your little one’s approval.

Create a boat with plastic bathtub bottles

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This is one of the best toys that your child can use in the bathtub, either with dolls or with any other toy, don’t worry, just glue two bottles , make two holes in the middle of each one for your little one to enter the dolls you want and that’s it. If you want you can paint it , everything is up to you.

Take your socks and make a big snake

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It is normal to lose the other pair of your sock, they almost always end up discarding it but you can give it another use, for example, make a big snake with all the socks that lack their pair. With a needle , thread and cotton you can make your own stuffed animal in the shape of a snake, add the eyes and the tongue with fabric or cardboard and that’s it.

Camera with cardboard and lid of a container

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Give your child a love of photography by making a camera out of recyclable materials. With the cardboard you are going to shape the camera, the front part will be the lid of a plastic jar and the rest can be added with more plastic , cords , etc. You can even paint it and add motifs to make it more eye-catching.

Draw a kitchen on the toy box

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In this way it will be very striking for your child. You can draw the kitchen on the lid of the box or print out a kitchen template and stick it on later. With the toys that your little one has, he will be able to play quietly and develop his creativity in the best way .

Here we leave you more ideas of homemade toys in the video of Ideas in 5 minutes :

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