10 very practical ideas to store your shoes with materials you have at home

Eventually having too many shoes can become a headache and not precisely because you don’t know which one to use, but because you don’t have a place to store them so they don’t take up too much space and don’t deteriorate either. Take into account these practical tips to store your shoes and notice the changes in the order of your home.

The places to store shoes can vary, it should not necessarily be in your room and in ordinary shoe racks, you can play with the location and the closet , do not hesitate to let your imagination run wild.

Photo-identified shoe boxes

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In this way you will not have to open each one of them to know which shoe is stored there, it is a fabulous and innovative idea.

Get a shoe cabinet

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They are found in any store and their size is not so exaggerated, they are special to place them in the room because they do not need much space, in addition, some bring many shelves.

Get a bigger closet

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This is the main idea that many have to be able to store their shoes correctly and it is not for less, a larger closet guarantees the protection of the footwear and keeps them in good condition.

Showcases for your shoes

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If you can buy a showcase to store your shoes, perfect, there you will have them very organized by size or color, all according to your organization methods.

Make a shelf for your shoes

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You don’t have to buy it, you can make it yourself by taking wood that you didn’t use, paint it the color of your choice and place it in your room or in your closet so you have more places to store your shoes.

Fabric hanger for shoes

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You will save space by acquiring these pendants because they are light and you can place them on the wall of your room or closet.

You can use hooks for booties

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This way they do not deteriorate due to the way they are stored and do not take up too much space in your home.

Plastic crates for shoes

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If you want you can paint and paste them so that it looks like another piece of furniture in your house, there you can store everything from slippers to sports shoes.

Recycle cardboard boxes

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Divide the cardboard boxes that you no longer use into several spacious compartments, paint them the color you most want and store your shoes. Plastic tubes to organize your shoes

Plastic tubes to organize your shoes

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It is an innovative and great idea, you just have to take the plastic tubes that you no longer use and adhere them to the wall in the way you prefer, you can even simulate a honeycomb or the shape of a butterfly, play with your imagination so that this organizer is part of the decoration.

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