Learn how to clean your sofa or living room easily with ingredients you have at home

Have you dirty your sofa and have no idea how to remove the stain or dirt? This is common, cleaning products usually tend to wear out our furniture and, consequently, they lose their original appearance, however, there are some feasible tricks that will help your sofa and the rest of the furniture stay as new after cleaning it. , among them, a homemade cleaner whose effects are spectacular.

From now on it will be easier to keep your sofa in good condition, you will not have to worry about its appearance and best of all, you will have more and more feasible methods to use with your furniture and your home. Do you want to learn how to clean your sofa? These ingredients will help you a lot.

Essential materials to prepare the sofa cleaner

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To prepare this cleaner, you will need to locate the following ingredients:

500 ml of water
140 ml of alcohol
100 ml of vinegar
40 g of baking soda
1 tablespoon fabric softener
1 towel
1 brush
1 atomizer
1 jar
1 meter
1 mask
1 pair of gloves

How to prepare and use the homemade cleaner

Try to use the gloves and the mask while preparing this cleaner. Mix the water, alcohol, vinegar, baking soda and fabric softener in the jar, try to beat very well so that they unify and obtain a uniform substance , then pour the liquid into the atomizer and let it rest for a few minutes.

After the time has elapsed, spray the affected part with the homemade cleaner, taking care not to soak it too much , brush the area, use the towel to remove excess water, let it dry naturally and that’s it.

Each of the ingredients serve to remove stains, especially baking soda, which acts as a natural acid on surfaces. The fabric softener will keep the fabric of the sofa intact after cleaning, and the vinegar together with the alcohol removes the dirt quickly and easily.

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