The 15 tricks with tools that all experts use

We have all experienced even once the desperation of not being able to fix or do something because we lack an essential tool, well, it’s time to leave those worries in oblivion because now you can use some special tricks with the objects that you least expect . All the projects you have in mind can be achieved if you follow these useful tips that more than one expert uses.

We have for you 15 simple and practical tricks that you can carry out to get out of trouble, don’t worry, you don’t have to spend money , you just have to use the following objects and that’s it.

Sheets of anime or foam to organize the screws

0 20

This way they will not get out of their place and you will be able to locate them easily

Screwdriver to pour oil in your car

1 23

If the funnel is missing or you haven’t been able to buy one in time, don’t worry, just use a screwdriver to pour the oil into your car.

Elastic band for worn screws

2 16

If the screw is wearing out, you can screw it in by placing an elastic band on the upper area and that’s it.

Millimeter wrenches with screwdrivers

3 14

Some screwdrivers come with a special handle included, there you can place the key and in this way get more out of the tool.

Old rakes are used to store millimeter keys

4 14

You can organize them in order of size or according to their use, do not get rid of those old rakes, recycle them.

Screwdrivers with special handle

5 11

The shape of the handle can be very helpful to use a key and have better access to the object you intend to fix.

Use levers with the millimeter keys

6 9

If you sometimes need to make levers, these types of keys can be very helpful.

Magnet to store screws and nails

7 8

In the lower area of ​​the hammer, place a magnet, in this way you will be able to store the screws and you will not have problems locating them.

Use a drill bit to hold the screw

8 6

The bits can act as a screwdriver, either to hold the screw or to screw it in quickly.

Nail clippers to hold the screwdriver

9 5

In the unlikely event that the screw is too thin, use a nail clipper, it will be very useful.

Avoid hurting your hands by using a hair comb

10 1

When hammering, instead of holding the small object with your fingers, do it with a hair comb.

Magnet in the pocket of your walk

11 1

You can also do the same procedure with your shirt pocket, it will save you a lot of work.

Install hooks on the wall so your cables don’t get disconnected

12 1

To prevent your connectors from falling out of place, install a hook on the wall and run the cable over it and voila, problem solved.

In case it is hopeless, weld another screw

13 1

You can weld another screw in the worn area so you don’t get rid of the previous one, so you recycle and save money.

Locate the covers where you keep your tools on the shelves

14 1

You can screw them, so you can have the screws and other tools at hand and in an organized way.

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