Ideas of Furniture and Objects made with wooden pallets

It’s been a long time since we talked about a topic that we love, furniture and objects made with wooden pallets . Surely all our followers must know how much we like everything that is recycling, and by the way, the possibilities that wooden pallets or pallets offer us are endless.

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What these objects that are usually used to store construction materials or merchandise in warehouses have is that they can be reused either as pallets or by disassembling them and using their woods to make new objects that will not even retain their usual appearance or shape. pallets.

Storage space with recycled pallets

If there is something that always comes in handy in any house, it is the furniture or objects that are used to store. In addition to these beautiful drawers to store fruits, ideal for the kitchen, we love this tray in which delicious breakfasts can be transported or can even be used to store other objects.

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Vertical gardens with pallets

Plants are another of our passions, and we particularly love vertical gardens . They are ideal for small homes, and as is known, today houses and apartments have less and less square meters, which forces us to intelligently use the space upwards. Here we can see two very interesting options to take advantage of these wooden pallets and turn them into vertical gardens.

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The charm of Boho Chic spaces

For lovers of spaces decorated in the boho chic style , or bohemian style, below we can see a room where that touch is achieved by using wooden pallets as a base for a sofa, and as appropriate, textiles and cushions with typical prints of boho chic.

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Pallet furniture for the living room

We love the rooms where used furniture made from pallets . In the first image we can see how all the furniture is made with pallets, as we can see, the armchairs and the coffee table; and in the other example it has been chosen to use pallets for the coffee table only, combining perfectly with traditional sofas and other furniture.

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Sofa beds with wooden pallets

We love functional furniture, those that fulfill more than one function, such as sofa beds . They can serve as a sofa during the day, and at night as a bed, ideal for those who regularly receive visitors.

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Hammocks and swings made with pallets

If there is a place where these DIY furniture go wonderfully it is in patios and gardens. If you are lucky enough to have one or two pallets, you could think about the possibility of creating a beautiful hammock or a swing, not only for the little ones, because the older ones will also be able to enjoy them.

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