10 Ideas to create a relaxation area in Patios and Gardens

Those who like life outdoors and are lucky enough to have a patio, terrace or garden , no matter how small, surely know how essential it is to have space to sit .

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One of the most viewed alternatives throughout our publications is that if you are our follower you should know very well that we love furniture made with pallets , they are precisely the benches made with these wooden pallets . And as we can see, furniture with pallets does not always have to look rustic, depending on how the wood is worked we can also achieve a certain elegance.

Another way to get benches for the garden without spending a lot of money is by using concrete blocks. Not to be scared, we are not talking about works. As you can see in the following image, it is only a matter of stacking these blocks in a corner (better if it is against a wall so we save the backing) and then, placing a mat and cushions to decorate a little.

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Something similar, but a bit more sophisticated, is to combine concrete blocks with wooden braces, obviously cut to size and the wood previously treated. Look how wonderful what we can achieve:

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If we have a large tree in the yard, the kind that provides very dense shade, a good idea would be to make a bench that completely surrounds this tree. Yes, in this case it is a work bench , therefore, it is likely that we will need help from an expert.

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Those who have enough space may be interested in the possibility of building a wooden deck with benches also made of wood. With the help of a good carpenter we can achieve interesting results.

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Another alternative for those who have enough space and, obviously, budget to mount it, are the pergolas . Nothing more decorative than one of these pergolas with an armchair or individual benches to organize lunches or dinners outdoors.

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We loved the idea of ​​making benches out of recycled logs . Obviously we are not inciting to damage trees, but to give use to trees that for some reason have been cut or have fallen.

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We love the idea of ​​a large corner bench in the background. This option is ideal for small patios , as it does not take up much space.

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Do you live in an area that is quite cold? Do you like to enjoy life outdoors despite the low temperatures? If we have an outdoor fireplace , nothing better than to surround it with chairs, armchairs or benches to share some time by the fire.

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And as a last option we have left that of the typical plaza benches . Yes, the truth is that this type of bench is sold in almost all decoration stores, and there are them for all tastes and pockets.

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