How to wash a cap: step by step

There’s no other way? Will you need to wash your hat? So it’s good to check out the tips we brought below, see:

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Look at the label

Before dipping your hat into the soapy water, it is essential to take a look at the garment tag.

That little piece of fabric attached to the cap is practically a complete manual on how to wash it.

There, you will get precious information that will guide the entire process of how to wash a cap.

And how does the tag manage to do that? By means of internationally standardized symbols.

For example, if you see an empty circle on the label, it means the hat should be dry cleaned.

If you see a square with two lines inside it means that the cap must be dried in the shade.

And the famous triangle symbol with an X inside? This symbol indicates that bleach should not be used on the garment.

Did you see how much useful information the cap label has to give you? Always do this check before washing an item for the first time, whether it’s an outfit or even a hat.


Is washing with water allowed? Then start washing the cap by placing cold water in a basin with diluted neutral soap.

Shake the mixture well and place the cap inside the bowl so that it is fully submerged.

Leave it there for about 15 to 20 minutes, just enough time for the dirt to come off and you can wash it off more easily.

It is worth remembering that possibly the biggest dirt on the cap is sweat, unless you have done some specific activity with it, like painting the house, for example.

But if this is not the case, then after waiting the recommended time, remove the cap from the soapy water and proceed to the next step.

Gently rub

The next step in how to wash a cap is to rub it gently. You can do this with a soft loofah, like the ones you use for a shower, or just using your hands.

Do not use hard bristle brushes, as this will fade the ink on the cap, or even damage the fabric fibers.

Use a stain remover

Are stains harder to get out than you think? So the tip is to treat them beforehand, even before putting the cap on to soak.

For this, use a stain remover, the ones sold in supermarkets. However, it is not advisable to use bleach, at the risk of staining and fading the cap.

Follow the instructions for the stain remover and apply to the cap. After the time recommended by the manufacturer, let it soak as instructed in the previous step.

Remove excess water

Did you wash and remove all stains? Now it’s time to rinse. Do this by placing the cap under the faucet.

Running water will wash away all the soap. This step is very important, as the cap cannot dry with soap residue.

That’s because soap can harden and stain the fabric of the cap, in addition to leaving it with an unpleasant smell.

Avoid washing machine and dryer

Now that question you’ve been asking yourself since the beginning of the post: can you wash your cap in the machine?

The answer is no.

Do not use the washing machine for your cap. The movement of the machine can easily deform the structure of the cap, leaving it unusable.

And the dryer? The tip is also to avoid. The best thing is to leave the hat to dry in the open air.

However, do not expose it to direct sunlight. To speed up drying, place the hat inside a towel and press to remove excess water.

Once that’s done, let it dry in an airy but shady place. And one more tip: don’t hang your hat on the clothesline.

The weight of the wet cap can also contribute to the garment deforming.

The best thing to do in this case is to let the hat dry on a flat, even surface, such as a table, bench, or counter.

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