How to rinse the yellowish toilet seat: 3 very easy tricks

Although the lid of the toilet is white, eventually it starts to turn a yellowish color, especially if the cleaning do not use regularly one bleach.

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As we know, the look is unsightly and always looks dirty, but fortunately there are homemade solutions.

Here are 3 home tricks to remove yellow stains from the toilet seat:

1- Bleach

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The bleach is a cleaning product that can never be lacking at home, it is also the most effective way of letting her very white, unblemished and especially disinfected.

First of all, if the toilet seat is plastic and can be removed, much better to soak it in a bucket or in the sink.
We will mix in the water where we submerge it, a generous jet of bleach and let it rest for some time until we see that it is very white.
On the other hand, if we cannot remove the lid from the toilet, with the sponge we soak the entire lid well with the mixture of water and bleach. We let it act for a while and then we remove it with a cloth with just water to rinse it will be enough.
When we remove the lid of the sink with water and bleach, if we do not like the smell of bleach, we can add some soap and dry with a clean cloth.
Finally, we put the lid on the toilet and that’s it.

2- Whitening mix with only 3 ingredients

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We start by mixing 4 tablespoons of baking soda , 2 tablespoons of lemon juice , we also add 1 tablespoon of white toothpaste and form a paste.
Then we take a sponge and apply this mixture all over the toilet seat, spread it and rub it lightly. We let it act for 10 minutes.
Finally, we use a cloth with water to remove the mixture and dry with a dry cloth.

3- Mix with 2 ingredients

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The white vinegar is a great ally at home, it is also a natural disinfectant and helps whiten mixed with baking soda .

We mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1/2 cup of white vinegar, with this mixture the toilet seat is rubbed using a sponge.
Then we let it act as long as necessary, after a while we rub a little and to finish, we remove it with a damp cloth.
Finally, we use a clean cloth to dry the entire lid. We should not worry about the vinegar smell, after a while it will neutralize and disappear.

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