How to care for a Love Ribbon: The plant that purifies the air in your home

The love bond has many advantages, as it is easy to grow and is resistant. But the biggest advantage is that it is a natural air purifier.

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In addition, it has long , slender, ribbon-like leaves of light green color and a white stripe down the center.

Next, we share some tips and tricks so that the love bow lasts a long time and is in good condition.

1- The soil

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It is necessary that the soil has a good drainage so that the humidity does not rot the roots. It is best to make a mixture that contains sand, coconut fiber, and perlite. The latter favors the aeration of the soil and the oxygenation of the roots.

2- Lighting

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It needs sunlight, but it does not give it directly, much less with high temperatures. If you notice that the leaves become brittle or brittle, it is that it receives too much light. It is best to move it to another place in the house. It can live in a dark place, but the lack of light will cause it to lose the white line of the leaves.

3- Irrigation


Irrigation is not the same in summer as in winter. With high temperatures, we have to water the love ribbon every 2 days and spray its leaves so that they have moisture. With low temperatures you should do it every 10 days. We do not have to overdo the amount of water. It is best to identify whether the soil is wet or dry. You can put a finger into the ground about 2 cm. If it is dry, then you should proceed to water.

4- Fertilizer

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In general, the love bond does not need fertilizer, but if you find that a little extra help is necessary, I suggest you use one that is rich in nitrogen, as this favors the development of green leaves.

You can also add worm castings every 2 weeks in hot months. This will enrich the soil with phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium, which helps regulate the soil’s pH. But we should not overdo it with the fertilizer because we could saturate the roots and affect the foliage.

5- Pruning

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You should tear off the withered leaves so that the plant uses its energy on the healthy leaves. I suggest not using pruning shears, as the leaves are delicate and can be damaged by cutting. It is best that you tear them off with your hands, just below the yellow or brown of the leaf. It is not necessary to remove the entire leaf.

6- Transplantation

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The love ribbon can be planted at any time of the year, although it is recommended to do it in early spring, before the stolons begin to be laid for reproduction.

The plant grows very fast. If it is in a pot, it must be done before the roots grow beyond the capacity of the container or they could break it. You can place it in a larger pot or divide the plant in two. A little peat moss in the new container is enough for transplanting .

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