How to prevent the bathroom drain from getting clogged

Why is the bathroom drain clogged?

Even if you take all the necessary care, at one time or another the bathroom drain can end up clogging.

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But why does this happen?

The bathroom drain clogs due to the accumulation of hair, animal hair, soap residue and other hygiene products, in addition to the fat that comes out of the body and hair during the shower.

All these factors, when combined, end up slowly contributing to the clogging of the drain, either partial or total.

And then you already know, the water doesn’t go down, the bathroom smells bad, not to mention the possibility of infiltration and humidity, since the water stays still and can find gaps to flow between small cracks in the grout and the floor.

Here is how to prevent these problems

After all the work to unclog the bathroom drain, you will most likely want to avoid this inconvenience at all costs, right?

To do this, follow the tips below and ensure that your drain does not clog again:

  • Periodically clean the drain to prevent the accumulation of grease and hair. You can use the baking soda and vinegar technique for this, in addition to manually removing hair strands;
  • Make it a habit to always remove the hair strands from the floor when you finish showering. This prevents them from falling down the drain;
  • Use the soap all the way to the end to prevent small pieces from falling into the drain and causing clogging;
  • Prefer to shave in the bathroom sink instead of the box, so it is easier to collect the beard hairs;

Ready to put these tips into practice and put an end to the clogged bathroom drain problem?

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