How to clean the TV screen without damaging it

The new television screens are very delicate. If they are not cleaned carefully and with specific cleaning products, they can be scratched or damaged.

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Next, we provide you with a complete guide to cleaning the television ( the screen and all its components) with cheap and homemade products that will leave your Smart TV as new.

1- Turn off the television

First of all, turn off your television. This cleaning should be done cold and never, for any reason, spray the cleaner directly on the TV screen.

2- Prepare the liquid with distilled water and isopropyl alcohol

To prepare this homemade liquid you need distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. In a small spray bottle or glass bottle, add distilled water and isopropyl alcohol in equal parts. For example: 20 ml of distilled water and 20 ml of isopropyl alcohol. Shake the mixture and voila.

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3- Apply the liquid with a cloth

To properly clean your television screen, pour the homemade liquid that we have prepared on the cloth until it is moist. Then, gently pass the cloth over the screen of your Smart TV, always from top to bottom to avoid leaving marks after cleaning.

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4- Clean the stand, control panel and plastic covers

The least delicate part of a television is the stand and covers. If they are dusty, you just have to wipe the entire surface with a dry cloth.

5- Dust and clean the cables and the TV cabinet

The most persistent problem when it comes to cleaning the television stand is finding a lot of dust. You can apply our multi-purpose cleaner perfectly to clean your television cabinet and cables.

6- Clean the remote

You can clean the remote control with a damp, well-wrung cloth. If it’s really dirty, we recommend soaking a cotton swab in warm water and a dash of dish soap. Once drained, use it to remove the accumulated dirt between the buttons.

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In order for our television to be kept clean, it is important to avoid the following mistakes :

  • Remember that if you apply the product directly to the screen, the liquid could run down the inside of the television, damaging its internal components.
  • Try not to use chemical products such as ammonia or acetone because they can damage or scratch it in the process.
  • Do not use glass cleaner to clean your television screen.
  • Do not use kitchen paper to clean the television screen, as its texture is rough and could damage it. If you do not have a cloth, it is preferable that you use tissues, which have a soft texture.

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